TELUS Health - eClaims

What is TELUS Health?

This integration will help you submit insurance claims for your patients directly with Medexa software.

For more information about TELUS eClaims, click on this link this page.

How to register with TELUS Health?

In order to use TELUS eClaims integration with Medexa, you will need to register directly with TELUS. You can register to this free service by clicking this link Register Now

Once your subscription is processed by TELUS, you will received an email with the information to create your account eClaims with Medexa.

If you have already subscribed to TELUS eClaims, useful information wil be in Portal Web eClaims. Follow these instructions to find necessary data.

How can I setup my TELUS Health with Medexa?

Once you have all the information required, you can now start to configurate your module.

  1. TELUS eClaims configuration
  2. Setup Insurance Profiles for the patient
  3. Submitting claims or predeterminations
  4. Consolidate the payments
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