TELUS eClaims - Pending payments

To see which information you will need to extract from the eClaims Provider Portal, please visit this link.

The Pending Payments tab, which you can go visit from the TELUS menu on the left, contains a list of pending payments.

This page contains a search bar that allows you to search by patient name or TELUS eClaims ID. The list of pending payments is grouped by insurer. You will see a list of claims submitted via eClaims as well as other relevant information. You can click on the information in blue to access the article in question.

  • # of the invoice: Navigate through the invoice related to the rule’s demand
  • Patient: Navigate through the patient’s file
  • Response status: Display the compensation report returned by TELUS eClaims

Consolidate payments:

When you receive a deposit from an insurer, you will be able to make the consolidation.

  • Click on the Action button to add the payment.
  • Select the date the payment was received, the amount received, the reference number if applicable and the method of payment.
  • Then select who paid and if you select third party payer, the system will offer you to select it.
  • You can also add a description.
  • The transaction will appear in the different reports as the report of income at the date of payment entered.
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