Introduction to TELUS eClaims

To see which information you will need to extract from the eClaims Provider Portal, please visit this link.

In order to use eClaims in Medexa, you must first register with TELUS. You can register for free by filling this online form.

Once your registration has been processed by TELUS, you will receive an email including the necessary information to set up eClaims within Medexa.

If you already have registered for eClaims, you can find the necessary information to set up the integration within the eClaims web portal. Follow these instructions to retrieve the necessary data.

When you get this information, you can start setting up the module :

  1. TELUS eClaims configuration
  2. Setup Insurance Profiles for the patient
  3. Submitting claims or predeterminations
  4. Consolidate the payments
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