Send a document

Here's how to send your clinic documentation to your patients:

Sending a document to a patient:

  1. Click on the Clients section
  2. Look for a patient
  3. Click on the patient’s name
  4. Under the Information tab, click on Actions dropdown menu and select the option Send a Document
  5. The Document Center window will be displayed, click on Send located on the right of the article to be sent
  6. The page Send a document: _______ allows you to:
    1. Add/Change the email address
    2. Edit the email’s subject
    3. Edit the body of the message
    4. NOTE Leave the mention “DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE” since we will send the emails from a Medexa’s email address, therefore the clinic won’t receive any answer sent by the patient if that is the case.
  • Click on the button Send

Note: It is also possible to send documents at the moment of the creation of a patient’s file.

The procedure is detailed in this article:  Send a health summary/document when opening a new patient's file.

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