Print / Send the appointment's history by email

Here is how to print and/or send the appointment’s history to your patient:

  1. Click on “Clients”
  2. Look for the patient
  3. Click on the patient’s name
  4. On the “Information” tab, click on “See appointments history”
  5. Select a starting date and end date to set up a period of time.
  6. Use the available filters to sort your results (Optional)

Click on…

  • The printer’s icon to print the results
  • The button “Send” at the top of the window to send the result by email
    • Verify the email address displayed in the “Recipients” field.
    • Add other recipients (Optional)
    • Adjust the body message (Optional)
    • Click on the “Send” button at the bottom of the window.


For the emails, please leave the mention “DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL” since we send the list from Medexa’s email, therefore any answer send by the patient the clinic won’t receive it if this is the case.