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Cancellations allow you to add a reason for cancellation when the patient notifies you that they cannot attend the appointment. Canceled appointments remain accounted for in the platform via the patient's appointment history and in multiple reports.


No-shows are appointments where the patient does not show up, but does not notify you of their absence in advance. Absences are also used to count the attendance code A for CNESST appointments. Appointments marked as absent remain accounted for in the platform through the patient's appointment history and across multiple reports.


Appointment deletions leave no trace of the appointment in the system. You should delete appointments only when you make a mistake when scheduling an appointment or when you want to delete a series of future appointments that the patient no longer needs.

You will find the following options:

  • Date: Select the desired date
  • Employees: Check the name of the employees for whom you want to consult the cancellations/absences.
  • Reset: Reschedule the appointment.

Note: This list displays canceled or no-show appointments only for patients who do not have a scheduled next appointment. For a list of all cancellations and absences, please refer to the employee report.

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