Schedules > Employees

To access clinic employee schedules, click on the Employees subsection from the Schedules section in the left menu.

You will find the following options :

  • Date: Select the desired date
  • Today: Return to today's date by clicking this button
  • Week/Day: Choose the mode in which you want to view the schedule
  • All service points: Click on this option if you want to view the overall schedule of an employee(s), if they work at several service points. This option will ensure that all appointments (all points of service combined) will be displayed on the schedule of the selected employee(s).

    Attention! Availability displayed at remain those of the service point selected in the drop-down menu in the upper left corner, so appointments may be displayed in closed time slots for this service point.

  • Legend: Click on the drop-down menu to see what the appointment colors represent.
  • Employees: Check the name of the employees for whom you want to consult the schedule.
  • All grouped: Open in a single schedule, the appointments of all the employees of the clinic.
  • All Users: Open each employee's schedules, side-by-side.
  • Groups: Consult the schedule by profession. Note that this configuration is done from My Clinic > User management > Groups.
  • Open / Close slots: Click on this item to access the "Schedule management" mode.
  • This mode displays the schedule according to the availabilities configured for the employee, in addition to displaying all the manual modifications made to the employee's schedule.
  • Manual changes will be visible with a subtle box and a wheel in the lower right corner. You can click this wheel to edit/delete the closed/open/colored range manually.
  • Manual changes are made when you click on a time slot in the "Schedule management" mode or when you use the "Manage time slots" button in the appointment management options of the regular schedule.
  • When you have finished applying changes in the "Schedule management" mode, click on "Return to schedule" to view the employee's schedule with his appointments.
  • Wheel: Click the wheel for schedule display options.
  • + : Click on the button to add an appointment.
  • Printer icon: Click this icon to print the schedule
  • Upper left corner of schedule: Print entire week
  • Upper right corner of each day: Print the schedule for the day
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