Gives information about the appointments made by the patient in a given period.

To access this page you must go:

  1. Click on the left menu Clients
  2. Choose your customer
  3. Click on Billing Episode
  4. Choose billing episode
  5. Click on Appointment

How to configure ?

In this page we find several configurations are available for research:

  • Start Date: start date of the search for appointments.
  • End Date: end date of the search for appointments.
  • Filter: allows you to effectively filter appointments
    • Status of the appointment: Presences, Absences and Cancellations
    • Period: Past and Future
    • Billing: Unbilled, Billed and Paid
  • Services: gives the list of all the services offered to the customer
  • Print settings: allows you to configure your prints
    • You can display a column that shows the end time of appointments
    • You can hide the patient's details
    • Choose to keep the appointment notes when printing
  • Show All: button to search for all appointments in Medexa (for the patient)

Once the search has been made on all appointments, you will have the possibility of being able to print the list of all appointments (or those selected) or send them by email, simply click on the corresponding icon.

You can also modify an appointment via this list.

If you click in the action column on the "modify" pencil icon of the appointment you wish to modify, this will open a window for the appointment in question.

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