Credit cards

On Medexa we offer the possibility of adding credit cards. This allows patients to easily pay for their appointments, but also to bill people who did not show up for these same appointments.

From the patient file

To be able to add a credit card you must:

  1. Go to "Clients"
  2. Select the patient in which you want to add your credit card
  3. In the "Credit cards" section, click on the (+)
  4. A new modal will open
  5. Fill in all the information
    1. Point of service: they are added via the patient page "Information"
    2. Terminal: terminals added in "My clinic > Integrations > Payment terminals"
    3. Cardholder Name: Your Credit Card Information
    4. Card number: Your credit card information
    5. Expiration date: Your credit card information
    6. Security code: Your credit card information
    7. Postal Code: Credit Card Information
  6. Click on "Save Changes"

Configuration for online booking

Before you can add the credit card to the online RDV socket, you must be able to activate its use on the desired service.

For that it's necessary:

  1. Go to My Clinic
  2. Click on the Services menu
  3. Go to Services list
  4. Choose the service on which you want to activate the credit cards
  5. In the new modal (see below), tick "Credit card required to book online"

Once the use of the credit card is activated on the service, it must also be activated on the "Online booking".

  1. Go to My Clinic
  2. Go to Online booking
  3. Click on Global configuration
  4. Check the words "Request credit card to book specific services"

Of course, if you want your patient to be able to make an appointment for the desired service, it will have to be configured in the "Online booking" section. This must be added in the service point, the employee and have the desired schedules (see documentation on the configuration of online booking).

Use from online appointment booking

When a user makes an appointment online and submits their registration for an appointment, they will have the possibility to add a credit card if no card is present on their patient file.

To check if our credit card is activated for the desired service, we must see the card icon (see below).

During the last step of making an appointment, once the patient has chosen all the desired elements, Medexa will offer to register a credit card to reserve. This will be mandatory for the patient if he wants to be able to make an appointment.

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