Custom messages

Personalize communications

In Medexa you can customize the messages sent by the software such as appointment reminders, invoices, invitations to fill out health forms, etc.

Using our customization tool allows you to add or remove information from the default templates we have provided. For example, you can modify the appointment reminder message to inform your patients to bring a mask to their next visit or provide them with parking information.

Don't see the option to edit communication templates?

An Account Administrator or Clinic Administrator may need to adjust your account access rights. Read more about it here: Access Rights.

Edit a template

You can edit the templates through the "My Clinic" page. Only users with access to the page can edit templates. To edit a template from the "My Clinic" page:

  1. Open the menu My Clinic → Points of service
  2. Click on the desired service point, then click on Personalized messages in the left sub-menu.
  3. Select a model from the drop-down menu. Your latest updated template will be loaded into the editor below. If you haven't changed the template yet, the default template will be loaded.
  4. Using the toolbar and variable drop-down menu, add and edit message content in the text editor.
  5. Click the Save button when finished.

Note: there is a French and English version for each model.

Insert a variable

To insert a variable, make sure your text cursor is at the desired location in your message, then click the "Insert Variable" drop-down menu located at the top right of the text editor. Select the variable you want to add to your model.

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