This section allows you to add or remove rooms from your clinic. These rooms can be booked in the Schedule tab section of the left menu. They can also be added when booking an appointment to a therapist's schedule.

To do this, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Click on the + to the right
  2. Add a name for your room
  3. Enter a number in the Maximum number of simultaneous appointment (0 for infinite) *
  4. Click on Save changes

What is ++Maximum number of simultaneous appointment(s) (0 for infinite)++ *

The Maximum number of simultaneous appointment(s) (0 for infinite) * means the number of appointments for which you wish to appear simultaneously on the schedule.

For example, if you want to schedule two appointments for two different patients on the same date and at the same time, you can set the Maximum number of simultaneous appointment(s) (0 for infinite) * to 2.

If you leave this option at 0, you will be able to schedule appointments on top of existing appointments infinity.

We recommend setting the Maximum number of concurrent appointment(s) (0 for infinite)* to 1 so that only one appointment can be booked at a time.

We also recommend setting it to 1 if you use online appointment booking so that patients cannot schedule an appointment at the same time as an appointment already booked on your schedule.

What is Vertical Mode?

The vertical mode allows you to display the room schedule in vertical mode instead of horizontal mode.

What is preferred Schedule split (min) ?

The schedule split allows you to display the schedule according to the desired time.

For example, if you set the room schedule division to 15, the schedule will be displayed at 15 minutes.

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