Work With Variables

Medexa variables are placeholders for generated patient, invoice and points of service data. Variables are defined using specific text between curly brackets and % signs. Each type of variable has its own set of properties and templates in Medexa where it can be used.

Variable Usage

When editing a template, you'll find a dropdown list of valid variables in the top-right corner of the editor. To insert a variable, just open the menu and pick one from the list.

For example, say that you want to automatically insert the patient’s name in a template. Using the {%Patient.FullName%} variable will automatically populate the patient’s full name when the appointment reminder is sent; that way. Remember to place all variables between a curly bracket and a % sign.

Common Use Cases

Here are a few common scenarios where variables are super handy:

  • Automatically adding the patient or preferred recipient name at the beginning of the message.
  • Using the invoice total and balance to pay when sending out invoices.
  • Adding a confirmation button to appointment reminders
  • Displaying the information of an appointment on a reminder.
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