Discharge options

Once your patient has finished their treatments, it is suggested to archive the episode of care to keep its file organized and up to date and to avoid confusion with past and future treatments.

Many discharge options are available to archive the episodes of care.

To be able to get those options, open the patient’s file, go to the Charting tab, pass the cursor over the episode of care title and click on the pencil icon.

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By clicking on the button Give Discharge, the clinic can indicate the status of a treatment plan and leave discharge remarks. By clicking on Save, the episode of care will be moved to the tab Archives.

Successful discharge : Click on the button once the treatment plan is completed.

Unsuccessful discharge : Click on this button once you have discharged a patient which haven’t completed their treatment plan. To assign a discharge reason, use the dropdown menu destined for this purpose. To add a new reason to the dropdown menu, go to the following section : Unsuccessful discharge reasons settings.

Do not contact : Click on the button once a patient doesn't want to be contacter after the discharge.

To set up unsuccessful discharge reasons

To add reasons for unsuccessful discharge in the dropdown menu related to the button Unsuccessful discharge, go to :

  • My clinic
  • Tags
  • Unsuccessful discharge reasons
  • Clic on (+)
  • Add a reason
  • Clic on Save Changes

To refer to the discharges statistics

To refer to the discharge statistics related to the patients discharged at the clinic, refer to the discharge report by employee

This report is located under the Management section located on the left menu. Under the reports tab, on the KPI, you will find the discharge discharge report by employee.

To learn more about this report, refer to this article discharge report by employee

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