Revenue and disbursement report

A report on receipts and disbursements from each service point.

A PDF and CSV export is available to export your data.

  • This report is based on payments.
  • The payments displayed correspond to the selected time period.
  • The selection of payments is made according to the payment date.

Total amount in the Total column = Incoming amount - Outgoing amount + Tip amount (if tips are enabled - Billing settings)

This report also includes the payments amount and only gift card purchases.

Click on :

  • Download as CSV: to export the results to an Excel file
  • Printer icon: to print the results of the current page
  • Today: to generate results for today
  • Execute: to restart the search when the period is modified
  • Service Points: to filter service points
  • An amount in blue or red: to obtain the list of payments related to this data

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