My Calendar

To access your personal schedule, click on Calendar on the left menu.

You will find the following options :

  • Date : To select the desired date
  • Today : Return to the current date by clicking on this button
  • Week/Day : Choose the mode on which you would like to preview your schedule
  • Legend : Click on the dropdown menu to see what colour is assigned to which appointment.
  • All points of service : Click on this option if you would like to preview the global schedule of one or all employees of your clinic, if these ones work for many points of services. This option will ensure that all the appointments (all point of services combined) will be displayed on the schedule of the employee(s) selected.

    Attention! The availability displayed on the schedule remains those of the service point selected in the dropdown menu in the top left corner, so it is possible that appointments are displayed in closed time slots for this point of service.

  • Open / Close slots : Click on this mention to access to the “Schedule Management” mode.
    • This mode will display the schedule according to the availability set up by the employee, This mode displays the schedule according to the availabilities configured for the employee, in addition to display all the manual changes made on the employee’ schedule.
    • The manual changes will be visible thanks to a subtle box and a wheel in the bottom right corner. You can click on this wheel to edit/delete the time slot closed/opened/coloured manually…
    • The manual changes are made once you click on a time slot under the “schedule Management” mode or when you click on the button “Manage time slots” on the options under the appointment management in the regular schedule.
    • Once you have finished applying all the changes under the “Schedule Management” mode, click on “Return to schedule” to visualize the employees’ schedule with their appointments.
  • Wheel : Click on the wheel to have the options of schedule display.
  • +  : Click on the button to add an appointment.
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