Physiotec - Clinic and User ID

Medexa offers a Physiotec integration.

To benefit from the integration for exercises programs by Physiotec directly from the charting section under your patient’s records, please contact a Physiotec representative to obtain more information about their services and prices. 

Physiotec is in charge to help you to setup the module and give you information about the use of their services through Medexa. 

For more information, contact Physiotec

How to setup Physiotec?

Physiotec may require your clinic and user IDs. The User IDs and the Clinic ID are displayed in the software. 

You can find them by following these steps : 

1. Click on My Clinic

2. Click on the Integrations tab

3. Click on the Physiotec sub-menu

4. Click on Points of Service 

5. You will then see your clinic ID and users IDs.  You can share that information with Physiotec in order to set up your integration with Medexa. 

Note : You may not have access to this section. If you don't, please contact your clinic admin to access this information

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