How to apply a payment

To add a payment from the schedule

To pay an invoice from the schedule, you have to go to the Employees or a rooms schedule.

Here are the steps to apply a payment in the schedule:

  1. Click on the appointment to pay
  2. From the Appointment status window, click on Create invoice
    1. A new invoice will be created which will have no payment
    2. A new section will appear offering several buttons
  3. Click on Apply a payment in the list of options
    1. A new section will appear on the screen
  4. In the new section you will have to choose:
    1. The Payment method of the new payment
    2. The Tip (if this is activated in "My clinic > Billing > Parameters")
    3. The Tip Payment Method (if enabled in "My Clinic > Billing > Parameters")
  5. Click on Save
    1. This will apply a payment to the invoice

Note: If you do not want to apply a full payment, click Edit to access the invoice template and follow the instructions below.

New section Appointment Status

If you have the option of online payments with PandaPay, you can click on Pay with terminal (see last section on this same page) instead of clicking on Apply a payment.

Note: In the window above, we find the following options:

  • Send: Allows you to send the invoice by email to the patient
  • Edit: Access the invoice template to make changes
  • Print: Opens a pop-up that will allow you to print the invoice
  • Download: Download the invoice in PDF format to keep it on your computer

Apply a payment from the invoice in the Billing tab

To pay an invoice, you must find the invoice to be paid from the Invoicing tab in the left menu or go to the patient file (in the Clients page on the left).

Note: If you are on the “Billing” tab, make sure to look for the invoice in the right invoice grouping.

Here are the steps to apply a payment in the invoice:

  1. Click on the invoice to open it
  2. In the Payments section, click on Add payment
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    1. Payment Date: date when the payment is made
    2. Amount: payment amount to be applied (may be changed to apply partial payment)
    3. Reference Number: Payment Reference Number (if applicable)
      1. The reference number may be a check number, payment slip, transfer confirmation.
    4. Payment method: payment method: payment method (among those listed in My clinic > Billing > Payment methods)
    5. Paid by: which has a drop-down line with two options:
      1. Patient: the patient paying the bill
      2. Third-party payer: the insurance that covers the invoice
        1. The third-party payer associated with the payment will decrease the remaining amount of the cover allowance.
        2. For more information on coverage allowances, see the following article: Coverage allowance
    6. Third-party payers: list of names of third-party payers (available only for the third-party payer)
    7. Credit card: allows to select a credit card (available for the patient if he has cards on his file)
    8. Description: all information relating to the payment, which may be important (if applicable, if necessary).
      1. The elements entered in the "Description" block will appear on the visual of the invoice.
    9. Distribution of payment: allows you to distribute your payment on the different items in your invoice (a service or articles)
    10. Distribution of tip: allows you to add a tip on a payment and distribute it to therapists (the tip option must be activated in "My clinic > Billing > Settings").
  4. Click on Save
  5. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 if another payment needs to be applied
  6. Once the "Add payment /Edit payment" window is closed, click on the Save button at the top right of the invoice to save the payment(s).

Apply a payment via Pay with terminal

This option allows you to pay an invoice via a Dejavoo terminal. The option must be activated beforehand if you want to be able to use it.

This can be found from two places in Medexa:

  • From the therapist's schedule (see first section of this documentation)
  • From the invoicing tab (see second section of this documentation)

When you click on Pay with terminal a section will open. Here are the steps to apply a payment:

  1. Transaction type: transaction type to apply to payment
  2. Payment type: debit or credit payment
  3. Transaction amount: transaction value
  4. Enter tip manually: allows you to enter a tip or not on the terminal
    1. Note: to see the option you must:
      1. Activate the option in Medexa "My clinic > Billing > Settings"
      2. The tips must be activated on your Dejavoo terminal
    2. Note: see table below
  5. Print receipt

Tipping options/tips:

Enter tip manually Checked Unchecked Not visible

Tipping is enabled in Medexa

Dejavoo terminal --> tip option activated

If the amount is 0, the patient will be prompted to enter a tip on the terminal.

If the amount is greater than 0, it will offer a total payment with the tip included.

This will prompt the patient to enter a tip on the terminal. ————————-

Tipping is disabled in Medexa

Dejavoo terminal --> tip option activated

————————- ————————- This will prompt the patient to enter a tip on the terminal.

Pay by terminal or Apply a payment?

You are hesitating between the Pay by terminal or Apply payment option because your patient wants to pay for their appointment or these items. Here is how to choose between the two options, depending on the case:

  • Payer by terminal
    • The patient wants to pay by credit card and uses the card physically to pay on the terminal
  • Apply a payment (select the card available in the “Credit Card” drop-down menu)
    • The patient wishes to pay by credit card (without using the terminal, because their card is registered in their file)
    • Or you wish to apply cancellation fees to their file
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