Payments in advance

To add a payment in advance

The payments in advance are added to the patient’s file as follows:

  • Access to the patient’s file
  • Click on the “Billing” tab
  • In the “Payments in advance” section, click on the +
  • Type in the payment in advance’s information
  • Click on “Save Changes”

To use the payment in advance

To use this amount on a payment, you just need to:

  • Access to the invoice where you would like to add the payment in advance
  • Click on the + on the “Payments” section in your invoice
  • Select the payment in advance located at the bottom of the window
  • Indicate the amount you wish to be applied to the invoice
  • Click on “Save Changes”

* The payment will be displayed on the invoice indicating the date and the payment method used initially.


  • The payment in advance’s amount will remain in the patient’s file and can be used on the invoices that will be billed to the patient.
  • Attention! The payment in advance will be displayed in the “Reported Revenue” report as soon as you apply it to an invoice.
    Therefore, it is important to combine the “Revenue” with the “Reported Revenues” report to perform the end-of-day balancing if you accept payments in advance at the clinic.
  • The payment in advance will be placed in the “Revenue report” once this one has been used on an invoice.