Create a quote

The " quote " feature allows you to create cost estimates before invoicing the patient.

This allows the patient to have an overview of the services/items you plan to charge them. He can therefore assess the costs associated with them before agreeing to collect the services.

Create a quote 

Access to the Billing section located at the left menu or in the patient’s file.

To create a quote you must:

  1. Click on the (+) at the top right
    1. Note: If you are in the " Billing " tab of the patient file, make sure to select the correct invoice grouping before clicking on the (+) located in the " Invoices " box
  2. Choose a patient from the list
  3. Enter the information relating to the estimate by filling in the necessary fields (see image below)
  4. For more details on each of the fields on this page, see the following article: Create an invoice
  5. Click on the " Create quote" button

Note :

  • It is not possible to "Mark as paid" or apply a payment on a quote. This feature serves as an estimate only.
  • The quote may be converted to an invoice if the clinic receives payment for the services and/or items detailed on the quote.

Available actions from a quote 

When the quote is created, the dropdown menu “Actions” is displayed and offers you the following options: 

Convert to Invoice: This option converts the quote into an invoice. A confirmation will be required to validate the action since it is irreversible.

  • Send: This option sends the quote to the patient via email. A PDF of the quote will be added as an attachment to the message displayed when sending.
  • Preview: This option allows you to view a preview of the quote. From the preview it is also possible to print the quote: When you are in the quote preview, if you click on the sheet of paper icon with an arrow pointing down, another tab will open in your browser and you will be able to print the quote by clicking on the printer icon, at the top right.
  • Print: allows to print in PDF format
  • Download: allows you to download the quote.
  • Delete: This option allows you to delete a quote. A confirmation will be required to validate the action since it is irreversible.

To edit a quote 

Via the "Clients" section on the left, search for the patient in question.

  1. Open the patient file
  2. Click on "Billing episodes"
  3. Choose a billing episode
  4. Click on the tab "Invoices"
  5. Click on the group of invoices in which the estimate is found
  6. Click on the button " Quote "
  7. Click on the quote in question
  8. Modify necessary elements
  9. Click on "Save"

To consult a quote

From the “Clients” section on the left menu, look for the patient in question. 

  1. Open the patient file
  2. Click on the tab "Billing episode"
  3. Click on the billing episode in which the quote is found
  4. In the Invoices section, click on "Quote"
  5. Click on the quote in question
  6. Click on " Preview " to obtain the visual in PDF format of the estimate
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