Export notes from a patient's file (PDF)

Sometimes you have to export a patient’s file. If it can be to send it to a doctor, in an audit context or simply at a third-party payer’s request, you can export the patient’s file to download it or print it out.

Generate a bundle (PDF) from the patient’s file activities

  1. Click on Clients
  2. Click on the patient’s name
  3. Click on the “Health Summary” or “Charting” sections
  4. Click on the “Actions” dropdown menu
  5. Click on Download Activities option
  6. From the Download Activities window, select the activities you wish to include in the bundle
  7. Click on Download
  8. Find the PDF document downloaded on your computer.

The document can subsequently be print and/or sent by email if needed.


  • A download delay can occur when selecting multiple activities.
  • The non-complete activities can’t be included in the PDF bundle.
  • The imported activities from the button “Add a Document’ can’t be included in the bundle.
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