Rename an activity

If you add a document into "Health Summary" or "Charting" sections, in an error’s case you can rename the activity. 

The activity has to be added to the patient’s file in order to be able to change its name. Here is an article that indicates how to: Add a document as an activity. 

If you have skipped the 11th step in the article Add a new document or you had made a mistake assigning the document’s title, you can rename the activity following these instructions:

  1. Click on the activity’s line on the “Activities” section in the “Health Summary” or “Charting” tabs
  2. In the header, next to the activity’s title, click on the pencil’s icon
  3. In the box destined to this purpose, type in the title you want to assign to this activity
  4. Click on the checkmark to validate the action
  5. The window “Confirm Document rename” will be displayed
  6. Type in your password to confirm the action
  7. Click on “Save Changes”


  • Only the author, the employee assigned to the activity, can rename the activity following the previous steps.
  • Rename an activity is an irreversible activity. This is why the Medexa’s password is required to validate this action.
  • The activities created from a Medexa’s form can’t be renamed. Only external documents uploaded from the button “Add a document” can be renamed.
  • To comply with different regulations, the clinic or Medexa’s team can’t delete the completed activities. Therefore, this functionality gives you more flexibility to manage any mistakes done internally. 
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