Appointment reminder

The functionality of a reminder via email or SMS allows your customers to never miss an appointment. it's very simple to setup. When you schedule an appointment in the schedule module, if the email/SMS reminder is activated in the customer's file, it will be sent automatically.

Note : If you are subscribed to this functionality, reminders by email or SMS are automatically activated for all new customers file. Therefore, the clinic must decide a delay for their reminders that suits their cancellation policy to ensured customer's satisfaction.

Reminders Configuration

  1. Go to My Clinic
  2. Click on Reminders tab
  3. Select the Points of service you would like to set up the reminders delay
  4. Click on the dropdown menu next to each day to set up the appropriate delay
  5. Click on Save Changes


  • When this functionality is activated, a link is added in the email reminder allowing customers to confirmed their appointment. 
  • When a confirmed appointment is validated by a customer, a checkmark will appear in the appointment slot. There is no message sent to the clinic to notified the customer's presence.

  • If a patient wants a different reminder from what is configured by the clinic, the delay of notification can be modified directly in the customer's appointment. To do so, click on the pencil icon. 
  • All cancellations should be done by phone directly to the clinic. Hence, all clinics are responsible to informed their clients that the link is only used to confirmed appointment and not to cancelled them.