Appointment reminder

The appointment reminder function by email and SMS ensures that customers never miss an appointment. The operation is very simple. When you schedule an appointment on the schedule, if the email or SMS reminder is activated in the patient file, the reminder is sent automatically.

Note: If you have signed up for SMS Reminders, Email Reminder and SMS Reminder are automatically enabled on all new patient records. The clinic must therefore decide on a callback period that suits it by considering its cancellation policy to ensure customer satisfaction.

To configure appointment reminders:

  1. Go to My Clinic
  2. Click on the Reminders tab.
  3. Choose your point of service
  4. Set up your reminders
  5. Click on the drop-down menu next to each day to set the appropriate reminder time
  6. Click on Save

Important :

  • The reminder is sent at the time of the appointment, regardless of the day selected.
  • The assignment of reminder times per day makes it possible to adapt the functionality according to the reality of the clinic.


    - If the clinic is closed during the weekend, it can configure the appointment reminder delay from Monday to Thursday or to the previous Friday. In the event of cancellation, the clinic will be notified during opening hours, which will allow better management of the cancellation.

    - If the patient desires a different reminder time than that configured by the clinic, the notification time can be changed on the appointment from the "Edit Appointment" window by clicking the pencil icon on the appointment.

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