Send a Doctor's Letter

Generate a Doctor’s Letter

  1. Click on Clients
  2. Click on the patient’s name
  3. Click on "Charting" tab
  4. Click on the activity you wish to generate the letter from
  5. Click on "Actions" dropdown
  6. Click on the option “Generate a Doctor’s letter”
  7. Unselect the fields you won’t include in the letter
  8. Fill in the necessary fields
  9. Select the note’s sections you would like to include in the doctor’s letter

  1. Click on "Preview Letter"
  2. Check the information in the letter
    1. Click on "Modify" to edit the letter if needed
    2. Click on "Print" to display the printer’s options
    3. Click on "Save and Close" to create a new activity named “Doctor’s letter – (Date)” that is going to be accessible from the Charting section in the patient’s file.

See the Doctor’s Letter generated

  1. Click on the doctor’s letter from the Charting section
  2. Click on Download to have a PDF format on your computer
  3. Attach the Doctor’s letter in PDF to the email


  • The note must be completed to be able to send it as a doctor’s letter.
  • Only the author of the note can generate a Doctor’s letter.
  • Once the Doctor’s letter is created, all the available options such as privacy, print, download, dismiss document, title’s edition, etc, will be displayed from the note.
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