My Account

Each user has a unique Medexa profile.
This profile can be configured from the “My Account” section located on the top right by clicking on your name. 

Here are the different sections to set:


First Name / Last Name: The name registered will be displayed on the platform to refer to your license and your activities.

Email: You can change your email address at any time. Once saved, the new email address will become your username when connecting to Medexa.

Language: The language selected affects the terms displayed on the platform. Make sure to select the language according to your region.

Maximum number of simultaneous appointments (0 for infinite): This digit indicates the limit of the appointments that can be scheduled on a time slot. This configuration is particularly important for therapists using online booking.

Receive a confirmation email when a patient has completed a health summary from home: If this checkbox is selected, the employee will receive an email with a confirmation every time a patient, to whom the health summary was sent, complete the form from home.

Vertical Mode: If this option YES is selected, the simultaneous appointments will be placed one over the other on the schedule.
                        If the option NON is selected, the simultaneous appointments will be displayed one next to the other on the schedule.

Preferred schedule split (min):
This configuration determines the assigned duration to each time slot on the employees’ schedule. It is recommended to select the smallest duration used by any employee to ensure more flexibility on the schedule management. (Ex: A therapist offers 60min services, but takes breaks of 15min = The 15min division is recommended)


CNESST Licence Number: This configuration is essential for sending electronic messages to CNESST. Write the firsts 3 capital letters of the profession, followed by the therapist’s 5-digit license number. (Physiotherapy = PHY***** / Ergotherapy = ERG*****)


This section is used to modify your password.

For more details, please refer to this article

Practice profiles

The practice profile is related to the employee's professions/title/license number. 

This functionality allows employees that have many practice licenses and practice multiple professions to register their different

Add a practice profile

  1. Click on the button + on the section Practice profile
  2. Use the “Profession” dropdown menu to make a selection
    * If the profession desired is not displayed on the dropdown menu, please ask the clinic’s admin user to add the profession in Medexa (My Clinic > User management > Professions)
  3. Write the title on the field “Post-nominal title”
  4. Write the “License number” in the field for this purpose
  5. Use the “Licensing body” to select the organization related to your profession
  6. Click on "Save Changes"

To edit a practice profile

  1. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the profession to be edited
  2. Edit the elements needed
  3. Click on "Save Changes"

To delete a practice profile

  1. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the profession to be edited
  2. Click on "Delete"
Attention: A practice profile can’t be deleted if a therapist has used this one.


All the therapists have to set their signature on the space destined for this purpose. 
The signature will be attached to the notes completed by the therapist and receipt issued to patients.

To set up the signature with your cursor

  1. Use your cursor to sign on the white space destined to this purpose
  2. Click on “Clear” to redo it, if needed
  3. Once you are satisfied with the result, click on "Save Changes"

To set up the signature with a touch screen

  1. Connecting to Medexa from a tablet or smart
  2. Access to “My account"
  3. Use your finger or e-pen on the white space destined for this purpose
  4. Click on “Clear” to redo it, if needed
  5. Once you are satisfied with the result, click on "Save Changes"

To set up the signature with a file

* This option requires the employee to have a file containing his signature on his workstation.

  1. Click on the button “Choose a file”
  2. Select the file containing the signature
  3. Click on “Save Changes”


The availabilities displayed stand for the employee general schedule for the current point of service.

To set up the employee's availabilities for other working points of services, change the point of service from the dropdown menu that is located on the top left corner (next to the logo).
  1. Set up the starting and end time for each working day by clicking on the clock icon or clicking on the hour’s field.
  2. Check the boxes for the “Day Off” or the days you work at other points of service
  3. Click on “Save Changes”
P.N. 1: If you have a break or a long period of time that you won’t work in between the start hour and end of the day, don’t take it into consideration on the general schedule. This time slots can be closed manually through the schedule management from “Schedule” > “Employees”.
P.N. 2: The availabilities set up on this section stand up for the gray and white fields displayed on the schedule. 
P.N. 3: Any changes brought to the availabilities affect the schedule in the past and the future. At the moment is not possible to set up availability changes in advance.

The sections regarding Telus and CNESST will be displayed only for those employees that are registered on the database to have these modules.