How to use a gift card

Medexa offers the sale of gift cards in its application.

When you buy a gift card, it is possible for you to be able to send it to someone who will receive it by email. From then on he will be able to use it in the application.

Add a gift card

To add a gift card, you must first go to the billing tab.

Here, we have the possibility to add a gift card in a new invoice (+) or an existing invoice by clicking on it.

Note: The addition between a new invoice or an existing invoice does not change, it is identical

When you are in an invoice, if you want to add a new gift card, you have to click on (+) in the Items section.

Here a new modal appears asking to select appointments / articles.

Click on "Add gift card" at the bottom left of the modal.

A new modal will appear.

All you have to do is add the different information in the modal:

  • Reference:* Self-generated code in Medexa. It corresponds to the code of the gift card (mandatory fields)
  • Amount:* Amount of the gift card to add (mandatory fields).
  • Remaining amount: Amount remaining on the gift card.

    Ex: If we use $10 from the $30 gift card, only $20 will remain.

  • Service: Existing service in the service point to choose. If we choose the service, this will automatically put the price of the service in the Amount field.
  • Beneficiary: Camps for the description of the beneficiary.
  • Expiry date: Expiry date of the gift card.
  • Payment method: The payment method the customer will make to pay for the gift card.
  • Description: Description of the gift card.

Once the information has been completed, click on Save. We will therefore see the gift card in the list of Items.


A gift card will not exist as long as an invoice is not saved. If we save an invoice and come back to it, we will see a modification date below the gift card, this will mean that your card has been added.

Edit a gift card

If you want to edit a gift card, simply click on the pencil icon in the list of gift cards. If you want to delete the gift card you will have to click on the trash can icon.

When clicking on the pencil icon, it will open a new window.

All you have to do is change the information and click on Save Changes.

If you want to delete the gift card, you have to click on Delete.


A gift card will not be modified or deleted as long as an invoice is not saved. If we save an invoice and come back to it, we will see the modification made.

Pay for a gift card

To pay for a gift card, go to the Payments section.

Here we will see the list of all the payments that have been made.

Click on Add payment

A new modal will open.

In this window you must complete the payment information and select the gift card to pay in the distribution of payments. For more information on payments you can consult the documentation here: apply a payment.

Once your payment has been made, it will appear in the list.

Send a gift card

Once you have paid your bill you can send your gift card(s). If you have not paid your bill in full, the option will not be available (see below).

To send an invoice, just click in the drop-down menu Actions the option Send a gift card.

A new window will open

In this window the first gift card will be displayed. So if you have several gift cards you will have to select the one you want to send.


We cannot send several gift cards at the same time, If you want to send several gift cards, you will have to do it 1 by 1.

Use gift card

To use an already paid gift card, you must go to an unpaid invoice.

  1. In the Payments section
  2. Click on the arrow next to Add payment
  3. Then click on Use gift card

A new window will appear. Select your gift card in the search bar.

Choose the amount to use and click on Save Changes.

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