Gifts Cards report

In Medexa, you can see the gift card report. To do this, simply go to Management and click on the Gift card report in the Management column.

A new window will appear.

Here we can see the number of gift cards in a given period per therapist.

  • Number of cards issued: the number of cards sold for a given period.
  • The total amount: corresponds to the total of the gift cards.
  • The amount used: the amount used in gift cards. Let's say we have a $20 gift card and $10 was used on it, that value will be added to this section.
  • The amount left: the remaining amount of gift cards for a given period. Let's say we have a $20 gift card and $10 has been used on it, there will be $10 left on it. This value will be added in this section.

If you want the list of gift cards, just click on the value in Number of cards issued.

We will have a new modal that will display the list of gift cards.

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