Distribution of payment

Another feature existing in Medexa is the distribution of payments to appointments and items. This option is available when applying a payment to an invoice.

To do this, go to invoicing and select an invoice.

Then in the invoice click on Add payment or Edit payment

A new section will appear allowing you to add a new payment

When you apply a payment to an invoice, you will be able to distribute those payments to the appointments or articles that are contained in your invoice.

The purpose of allocating payments will allow clinics to know exactly how much and when an appointment or article has been paid for, allowing you to properly account for clinic sales.

  1. In the Distribution of Payment section, check the appointment or item to which you wish to allocate the payment
  2. Modify the amount to be awarded, if necessary. Please note that the total of the distribution must always equal the amount of the payment.
  3. Click on Save Changes

Note: It is important to assign the sale of each item to the correct therapist to ensure data accuracy. For example in the Report of revenue by employee.

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