Sellable items report

The sellable items report displays many information related to the items sold.

  • The sellable items report is based on the number of invoiced items. 
  • The invoices are selected according to the invoicing date. 
  • This report includes the invoices paid and not paid. 
  • The taxes are not included on the total displayed. 
  • The void invoices are not included on the total displayed.

Here you will find the information displayed on this report :

  • Number of sold items
  • Statistics related to the cost and the selling price
  • Statistics related to the earnings

Click on :

  • Download as CSV : to export the data in an excel file
  • Printer icon : to print the data from the current page
  • Today : to generate data from the current day
  • Execute : to refresh the search when the period of time has been changed
  • Click on the name of an article or on Articles : to obtain the date related to an item specifically

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