Appointments report by employee

The appointment report by employee offers some information and statistics to the clinic.

  • Calculations are based on the value of appointments made by employees during the selected period, whether they are billed or not.
  • This report considers price adjustments made on the appointment.
  • This report may contain unbilled appointments.

Here is the information counted in this report:

  • Statistics relating to evaluations by employee
  • Salaries statistics per employee
  • Statistics relating to evaluation/salary ratios per employee

By specific service:

  • Number of appointments an employee has given
  • Time spent by an employee
  • Value reported by an employee

Click on :

  • Presences: to obtain the results of appointments that have taken place
  • Absences: to obtain the results of absences
  • Cancellations: to obtain the results of appointments that have been canceled
  • Folder Labels: to get the results of appointments related to specific folder labels
  • Point of service: to filter points of service
  • Download as CSV: to export the results to an excel file
  • Printer icon: to print the results of the current page
  • Today: to generate results for today
  • Execute: to restart the search when the period is changed
  • Appointments: to obtain the results related to a specific data
  • The title of a service: to get the results related to this service

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