Update Medexa App and iOS

Why are features missing in the iPad app compared to the web version?

Do you have trouble with Medexa’s app?

Have you done an update?

Why is the iPad application missing features compared to the web version?

You have noticed that a feature is missing in the iPad application compared to the web version, which is more complete. It's normal, our application is deprecated to date: this means that the application will still work, but it will no longer be updated. We focus on the web version, but this version is fully functional with your iPad!

Is Medexa’s app updated?

In case of doubt, we suggest you take the chance to re-download the app.

Before doing anything, make sure that your app is synchronized, this will assure you that the patient’s file information won’t be lost. This applies especially to the users that work on the off-line mode.  A Wi-Fi connection will be needed to synchronize the app with your database.

Once everything is synchronized correctly, please follow these instructions:

  • Keep your finger on the Medexa’s app (the icons will start shaking)
  • Press the X in Medexa’s app
  • Press on Delete (this will stabilize the icons in the screen)
  • Go to the App Store
  • Search Medexa
  • Download the Medexa’s app
  • Re-try to reproduce the steps you took previously that caused the problem to see if it persists

Is your operating system IOS is updated?

Here the steps to verify it:

  • Press on the Setting’s icon
  • Go to General
  • Select Update Software
  • Download and Install the update (if available)

Note: If IOS is updated, a message will be displayed and will indicate that the operating system is updated.

Everything is updated and the problem persists?

Contact the support department via the button Help? located at the right bottom, Contact us located at the left bottom or Contact located at the top right or via support@medexa.com.

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