Clear the browser's cache (Google Chrome)

Here are the steps to follow to clear your browser’s cache via Google Chrome

  1. On your computer, open Chrome
  2. At the top right corner, click on the three vertical dots’ icon
  3. Click on More Tools > Clear Browsing Data
  4. In the window, for the time range select “All time”
  5. Check only the case “Cached images and files”
  6. Click on “Clear Data”
  7. Close the browser and re-open it.

Good practice!

We recommend to clinics to clear the browser’s cache each Monday morning before starting your day. This will optimize Medexa’s performance and other websites also..


The browser keeps and saves certain information from sites that you consult regularly to make sure its loading process is faster. Once we make any changes to Medexa, the saved information in the cache can cause error messages or slow down the platform. Since we upgrade the platform to fix “bugs” during the weekend, we recommend clinics to have the habit to clear the browser’s cache each Monday morning to avoid this type of problem.

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