Set up a signature

Set up a signature

You just completed your registration as a new user and you would like to add a signature to your incense?

The signature has to be set up by each employee.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to refer your new users to this article to follow the steps to set it up.

Here the steps to follow:

  1. Click on your name at the top right corner
  2. Click on My Account
  3. Go to the Signature (.PNG) section
  4. Three options are offered for you:
    1. Use your cursor to sign on the white space destined to this purpose
    2. Connecting to Medexa from a tablet or smartphone, use your finger or e-pen on the white space destined for this purpose
    3. If you have a digital version of your signature, click on “Choose a File” to upload your signature
      P.N. If you use a signature from a file, note that Medexa only accepts the files in PNG.
  5. Save Changes

What is the signature in Medexa used for?

  • Your signature will be displayed at the end of your completed forms.
    This is related to completed forms filled out with the patient at the time of a file opening or the notes created when treating the patient, your signature is associated with the actions taken in the charting section.
  • Your signature will be displayed at the end of the receipt on which your services were invoiced.
    The invoices won’t display the signature(s) unless the total bill is paid completely by the patient.
    Once the amount is paid, the signature of all the treating therapists for the services performed will be displayed at the end of the invoice.
  • Your signature will be displayed at the end of a global receipt in which your services are listed.
    The global receipt allows you to generate an only receipt including the list of services performed to a patient during a selected period of time.
    If one of your services is listed, your signature will be displayed automatically on the global receipt given to the patient.