Program a reminder / Send an email to a patient

Do you know that it is possible to set up a reminder from a patient’s file? 

This functionality allows you to set up a reminder for yourself (therapist) or for the patient, or even to send a personalized email to your patients from Medexa.

How to do it?

  • Open a patient’s file
  • Click on the "Charting" tab
  • On the section "Notes", click on the button + to add a note
  • Type in the message that you would like to send to the patient (or to yourself)
  • "Save Changes"
  • Click on the note to open it
  • Click on the "Reminder" button
  • Type in the patient’s email address, the subject of the email and edit the message if needed.
    • If you would like to simply send an email, click on "Send" and that’s it!
    • If you would like to set up a reminder, follow the next instructions:
  • Check the box “Program a reminder”
  • Select the date you want the patient to receive the message
  • Click on “Set Reminder”