Form Creation

Are you ready to digitize your forms?

Please read the following details before sending us your forms.

  • Your forms must be sent in one batch (one email including all of your forms).
  • Your initial batch, included in your contract, includes up to 15 forms (up to 45 pages in total).
  • Your forms must be sent to
  • To avoid additional charges, your forms must be sent in Word or PDF text to allow us to copy/paste the information included.
  • Your forms must be created. Your forms should already include all tables and images and these should be properly placed. A written description of what your form should look like will not be accepted.


Note that the people in charge of creating all forms have no rehabilitation and/or clinical background. If you notice any ambiguities in your forms, we recommend that you take the time to clarify them with specific guidelines to reduce the number of future modifications. We invite all clinics to add clear notes in relation to their specific needs. 

All indications must be added as comments (outside of the form).
These options are preferred to ensure a clear distinction between the information included in your form and your clarifications.
Your indications can include the number of lines included in a text field or your preference for a drop-down menu instead of buttons for a multiple choice question for example.


Here are the options available to choose from :

Text field (amount of lines has to be specified if more than 1 line)
Tables (to organize your information)
Checkbox (multiples choices can be selected for the answer)
Dropdown menu (only one choice can be selected for the answer)
Boutons (only one choice can be selected for the answer)
Images (practitioners can write and draw on the image)
- Signature module (allows patients to date and sign the form)
Upload module (allows the practitioner to upload one image or one PDF in the form) 

*Note that the Upload module cannot be added to a table.

If you have questions regarding the production of your forms or would like to receive a quote for the production of additional forms, please contact us at